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Fountain Engineering at RailsConf 2022

Members of the Fountain Engineering recently attended RailsConf 2022 in Portland, OR! 🎉

In this post, the first part of a 2-part series, team members reflect on their conference experiences including selecting sessions, Fountain’s booth presence and conference sponsorship, meeting up in person, and more. In a future post, attendees will describe their favorite sessions and link to the public recordings.

For many attendees, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was their first in-person conference in years. There were feelings of both excitement and concern. The conference organizers did a great job with health and safety protocols..

Some folks had attended RailsConf before and for some, it was their first RailsConf experience. Read more to learn about their first hand experiences.

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Elasticsearch Zero Downtime Upgrade and Modernization

The Fountain engineering team recently upgraded all production traffic to a new major version of Elasticsearch without having to plan and coordinate downtime with customers. 🎉

The approach was a “zero downtime” strategy, gradually cutting over specific aspects as steps, and making each step reversible. Avoiding downtime meant that the upgrade would not block customer usage of Fountain. Although each step required coordination and planning, this approach reduced risk because each step was granular and reversible.

During the course of testing and fixing upgrade related issues, the team also took the opportunity to modernize and simplify Elasticsearch-related application code.

This post will recap some of the key points in achieving both goals of a zero downtime upgrade and an application code modernization.

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Integrating with Indeed

We’re excited to announce we’ve recently integrated with Indeed via their Sponsored Jobs Integration. This allows our users to advertise their jobs on Indeed directly from Fountain, using our platform to allocate money to promote these jobs, receive applicants, review the performance of their job campaigns, and pay for the campaigns.

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Hello, World!

Welcome! 👋

I’m Matt Tucker, Fountain’s CTO. I recently joined the company via the acquisition of my latest startup Koan (, and I’m thrilled to be here for (1) our mission around creating compelling technology for the benefit of hourly workers; (2) the opportunity we have in building a great company and engineering culture as we continue to very rapidly grow.

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